Do you feel like you’re fighting food?

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Jul 9, 2019

Last week, a patient presented the situation of going to restaurants with her partner who really likes going to restaurants and takes a very long time to eat. She sits there with the basket of popcorn, and her food and his food and feels like she is fighting the food the whole time. As we […]

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I Want Freedom!

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Jul 2, 2019

“I want freedom to eat sugar, but when I eat it I’m not free at all. It takes over and I can’t stop!”  A patient said this to me once and spoke for so many people. With Thursday being July 4th, freedom is a fitting topic to focus on. When it comes to food and eating, some of […]

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Help Another, Help Yourself

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Jun 25, 2019

Sometimes we know what to do but we just can’t do it. Then the light bulb goes off and we are able to do the thing we couldn’t get ourselves to do. The other day, a woman who had been feeling a bit stuck in her ability to change her behavior shared an inspiring story. […]

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Can we ever make sense of the scale?

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Jun 18, 2019

One day a woman told me that she and her friend went to Boston on a Friday night and ate dessert and the next morning when they went to Weight Watchers, she had lost 4 pounds. She felt she had gotten away with eating the dessert. And like many people, she felt that the scale […]

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Calories, Cravings & Clarity

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Jun 11, 2019

If you are like many people, you are very confused about what to eat. There are as many opinions out there as moments in the day! One of those opinions is that there are no good foods, no bad foods and we should listen to our body and eat intuitively. This NY Times article was […]

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Judging vs. Judgement

By Beth Rocchio, MD | May 21, 2019

When it comes to food, eating and weight there seems to be a lot of judging going on. Are people judging you for eating or not eating certain foods? Are you judging others? This type of energy just leaves us feeling badly, which can leave us vulnerable to comforting ourselves with food. So what is […]

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Are you too busy driving to get gas?

By Beth Rocchio, MD | May 14, 2019

One day, someone asked me this and I thought it was a great question. Of course, she meant it to be figuratively and not literally. (Although admittedly in the past, when I was more human doing than human being, I often would literally run out of gas. It happened one day on the coldest night of […]

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I have lost weight, why can’t I accept my body?

By Patrice French | May 7, 2019

There are two aspects to weight loss. The physical piece; involving tracking, moving, prepping and planning. And the emotional piece, which is far more complex. We know how we may feel about our body when it is heavy and most people can relate to not feeling good or looking good. But what happens with our […]

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Fill, Drain, Empty

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Apr 23, 2019

Sometimes we fill up on food we don’t need. It seems we do this most often when our “battery” is drained. Is this why most of us can “do well all day and then eat too much at night”? Some of the answers to the problem of overeating come down to “battery care.” The solution is […]

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