Is Everything you know about Obesity true?

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Oct 2, 2018

Last week an article from Huffington Post entitled, “Everything you know about obesity is wrong”, went viral. The article covered obesity, weight loss, patients, doctors, biology, psychology, the environment, and almost everything else, and how it’s all connected. In this post, I share my thoughts about some of the topics in the article. A person who has…

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You’re Disappearing!

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Sep 25, 2018

Someone once shared that this is what someone said to her after  she had lost a lot of weight, prior to meeting me.  Almost the exact moment these words were spoken to her, she began to regain all the weight -about 100 pounds.  Why would this happen?  Don’t many of us think that if we…

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What do Fingerprints have to do with Food?

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Sep 17, 2018

Probably not what you think.  I’m not talking about messy fingers after eating. I’m talking about something a patient said to me the other day at the conclusion of our visit.  We were discussing her food plan, specifically and food in general.  We were both pretty much agreeing on something that unfortunately doesn’t seem to…

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The Shift. . .For Weight Loss

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Aug 28, 2018

If you don’t struggle with weight loss, no need to read past this line 🙂 Do you think that people who easily make healthy food choices are stronger then those who don’t? In reality, those who make the healthy food choices don’t actually want the unhealthy food as much as those who make the less…

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Stimulating vs. Satisfying

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Aug 14, 2018

Staying on track with healthy eating can be quite challenging. There are many factors that affect the ability to stay on track. One of these is food itself.  Some foods tend to be truly satisfying for our hunger, while others will actually stimulate it. Foods that tend to be satisfying are usually those that are…

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Tale of Two Parties

By Beth Rocchio, MD | Aug 6, 2018

Recently someone came in explaining how he had gotten off track and eaten more than he intended at a party.  There is a food he avoids because it causes cravings. He had been to parties during the summer and easily avoided this food. But then “something happened” and he ended up having the food and…

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