Services & Resources

Your permanent weight loss is our passion

Our individual integrated approach may include some or all of the following services:

Behavior Modification

Motivational Interviewing

Plan of Eating

Physical Activity Plan

Weight Loss Medication

Stress Reduction Skills

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Food Addiction Treatment

Weekly Support Groups

We all want to find peace with food or eating, weight or body image. Of course it is helpful to eat and move in ways that nurture us. Some of us find assistance from medication or surgery. But long lasting peace with food, eating, weight and body image comes from inside. It has been proven repeatedly that such change is easier when we are joined by others on the same journey.



The following are educational materials to help with your self care. Please use what you find helpful and disregard the rest. Please question me freely and openly if you don't understand or don't agree with anything I have shared in these materials.

When it comes to inner self-care especially, using language to teach what is going on inside of us can be challenging, so I understand that none of these teaching materials can perfectly explain what it is that I'm trying to teach. But, I truly do hope that you will find that they are helpful to you as you make your way on your "innergation" path. ~ Dr. Beth