Could you use an extra boost?

If you are reading this, you have most certainly tried to force yourself to lose weight by eating less (or better) and moving more. You probably also have tried appetite suppressants to help you. You may have even had weight loss surgery. You’ve come to get “GAS” (guidance, accountability and support) here at IMWL, with a therapist, at a 12 step meeting, or somewhere else.

If you have done all or most of this and you still feel frustrated, disappointment or even hopeless, maybe it’s time to consider stepping things up a notch by going away for at least a few days. A retreat or treatment program sometimes can do in a few days what months or years of ordinary support doesn’t accomplish. The time and money invested can be compared to vacation time and money.

If you think your problem is more along the lines of stress or stress eating, then a retreat may be the right fit for you. Some of the retreat centers that I personally have benefited from are: Peace Village (they are having a women’s retreat in September!), Kripalu, and Omega. There are many other centers, but I just don’t have first-hand experience with them.

If you think your problem may be more along the lines of food addiction then 5 nights at the SHIFT program may be life-saving for you. I have first-hand personal and professional experience with this program and several patients of IMWL have had their health and life turn around thanks to involvement in this program. Similar programs include COR (compulsive over-eater recovery) in the Midwest, and Shades of Hope in Texas.

Of course I will be happy to talk with you about these options to help you decide if one is right for you!