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Beth Rocchio

Beth Rocchio, MD ~ Board Certified Weight Management Physician (Hahnemann University, 1997)

Dr. Rocchio practices what she calls Integrated Medical Weight Loss. She believes that when it comes to effective weight maintenance, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She treats each patient individually and considers the role of food, physical activity and medical factors; as well as mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors and how they all might be affecting a person's weight.

She has been maintaining a 50 pound weight loss herself for 14 years without a fad diet, excess exercise, pill or surgery. Her own path has been a combination of 12 step recovery, mind-body medicine and spiritual growth. For this reason her greatest passion is to find a way to give others what she received, helping them to "grow inside" in order to "shrink outside".  One of her favorite mottos is "Peace of Mind Protects from Piece of Cake".

Dr. Beth is board certified in Family Medicine and in Obesity Medicine.  She has had continuing  education in mind-body medicine and spirituality at Harvard University, UMASS, Kripalu, Omega Institute Hope in Healthcare, American Meditation Institute and EBT.

Patrice French, RNP, Nurse Practitioner (Northeastern University, 1985)

I have worked with Dr. Rocchio at IMWL as an Adult Nurse Practitioner since 2010.

I am constantly learning about obesity and all facets of it through workshops, reading multiple books, speaking with people in the obesity field and meeting with patients.

I believe that weight and issues surrounding our weight are comprehensive and multi-factorial and that obesity is a chronic, relapsing, remitting disease.

At our initial visit, I obtain a complete history of your life with food starting as a child and discuss triggers, trigger foods, stressors.  We also review your medical, family and social history.

My role is to guide, educate and help you set goals to help you achieve a lifestyle change through nutrition, exercise and emotional guidance. I have a personal passion for helping people with binge eating disorder and working on this very complex issue.

I believe in the body's ability to heal itself emotionally and physically.

Patrice French
Nancy Sceery

Nancy Sceery, LD, RD, CNSC

Nancy has 25 years Nutrition Support experience, including both hospital and home management of adult, neonatal and pediatric nutrition. She specializes in the treatment and prevention of disease induced malnutrition, assessment & intervention of complex care/high risk nutrition; Her skill and experience include management of parenteral (intravenous nutrition) and enteral (tube feeding) nutrition therapies for all disease modalities.

Sub specialties include treatment and prevention of Post Bariatric Malnutrition, risk assessment and guidance on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, complex GI disorders.