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Posts by Beth Rocchio, MD

Where did your willpower go?

I would like to share a story that touched me deeply. One of my patients is a young adult who had an incident during childhood that resulted in damage to his brain. With exercise, diet, an appetite suppressant and mind-body medicine, he is maintaining a 20-25 lb weight loss for 2-3 years. But he has…

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A Tale of A Sticky Note

Synchronicity and Support! Don’t go the barber shop if you don’t want to get a hair cut.  Sooner or later if you go to the barber shop, you’re going to end up with a haircut.  Where we hang out and with whom has been shown in scientific studies to affect our health, even our weight. If…

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A surprising FREE tool for weight loss & wellness!

Audio books for healing

If you don’t have a library card or you’re not using it, you may be missing out! Remember that financial health is part of overall health. So if you are spending money on books or audio books, you might be wasting your money. Of course, you already know that you can borrow books, audio books,…

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Could you use an extra boost?

If you are reading this, you have most certainly tried to force yourself to lose weight by eating less (or better) and moving more. You probably also have tried appetite suppressants to help you. You may have even had weight loss surgery. You’ve come to get “GAS” (guidance, accountability and support) here at IMWL, with…

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Do you feel like you’re fighting food?

Last week, a patient presented the situation of going to restaurants with her partner who really likes going to restaurants and takes a very long time to eat. She sits there with the basket of popcorn, and her food and his food and feels like she is fighting the food the whole time. As we…

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I Want Freedom!

“I want freedom to eat sugar, but when I eat it I’m not free at all. It takes over and I can’t stop!”  A patient said this to me once and spoke for so many people. With Thursday being July 4th, freedom is a fitting topic to focus on. When it comes to food and eating, some of…

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Help Another, Help Yourself

Sometimes we know what to do but we just can’t do it. Then the light bulb goes off and we are able to do the thing we couldn’t get ourselves to do. The other day, a woman who had been feeling a bit stuck in her ability to change her behavior shared an inspiring story.…

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Can we ever make sense of the scale?

One day a woman told me that she and her friend went to Boston on a Friday night and ate dessert and the next morning when they went to Weight Watchers, she had lost 4 pounds. She felt she had gotten away with eating the dessert. And like many people, she felt that the scale…

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Calories, Cravings & Clarity

If you are like many people, you are very confused about what to eat. There are as many opinions out there as moments in the day! One of those opinions is that there are no good foods, no bad foods and we should listen to our body and eat intuitively. This NY Times article was…

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