A surprising FREE tool for weight loss & wellness!

If you don’t have a library card or you’re not using it, you may be missing out! Remember that financial health is part of overall health. So if you are spending money on books or audio books, you might be wasting your money. Of course, you already know that you can borrow books, audio books, movies, etc from your public library.

But did you know that you can virtually borrow and return e-books, audio books and movies from your phone or other electronic device without ever having to go to the library?

Busy? You can multitask with an audio book while driving, walking, or doing house or yard work. Bored? Download an e-book and you never have to be bored again.

Depending on where you are on your journey, you can search for books on weight loss in general, wellness, nutrition, diets, exercise, weight loss surgery, emotional eating, addiction/recovery, sleep, financial health, relationship health, meditation, mindfulness, mind-body medicine, spirituality, healthy thoughts and emotions, a certain illness that has found its way into your life, the sky is the limit. Or, maybe you just need a distraction in which case you can search for romance, historical fiction, or whatever piques your interest!

If you ever see me driving, walking, doing house work, you will invariably see me listening to an audio book, usually something involving my personal favorite topic of mind-body medicine.

I almost forgot to tell you! The two apps that are linked to the RI library system are: Overdrive (available in all towns) and Hoopla (available in select towns). You may need to visit your library just once to get set up.

I have felt myself enriched beyond measure by this tool. Even better, I have witnessed patients experience vast benefits from reading or listening to books. Lastly, if you would like book suggestions or a “prescription” for “bibliotherapy”, let’s talk about it during your next visit! For now, I’m off to learn about Reiki, for free, on my phone before I go to sleep.