A Tale of A Sticky Note

Synchronicity and Support!

Don’t go the barber shop if you don’t want to get a hair cut. 

Sooner or later if you go to the barber shop, you’re going to end up with a haircut. 

Where we hang out and with whom has been shown in scientific studies to affect our health, even our weight. If our friend’s friend has extra weight, it increases the odds that we do too. 

Recently a woman shared that she and her friend used to buy each other candy. One day, she decided to show her friend a simple sticky note that I had given her to help with mindfulness based weight reduction. Immediately, her friend showed her that she, too had a sticky note to help her to keep her focus, attention and willpower.

They suddenly realized that they both see me and together they decided that from now on they will invite each other to go for a walk rather than buy each other candy. 

I invite you to consider your social connections and whether they lead you toward or away from health. I invite you to make an appointment with me if you don’t know what the sticky note is and would like to know. 

To our health!

Dr Beth