The Gratitude Diet

When we are filled with thankfulness, we tend not to overeat – simple yet powerful. See for yourself this Thanksgiving. We can call it the Gratitude Diet if you like.

I used to take everything for granted, the opposite of gratitude. Then I learned that I would need to change my perspective on everything in order to stop stress & emotional eating. A way of practicing gratitude is to say to ourselves, “what’s the prerequisite to this ‘problem’? (For example, if there is a flat tire there must be a car. If kids are misbehaving, there must be kids. If the spouse is letting us down, there is a spouse. If the job is stressful, there is a job.) We don’t want to ignore the facts of the situation, nor the human feelings that may be present, but we need to balance the negative with the positive. This is true balance. True balance is not denial of the negative for the positive, nor denying the positive and focusing on our eating more in balance. The more balanced we are mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the more balanced our eating will be. This is inescapable. Since this is the holiday of Thanksgiving and gratitude, what better time to include this practice, as it has the effect of protecting us from overeating (peace of mind protects from piece of cake).

As someone who used to take everything for granted, and experience life quite a bit fearfully and pessimistically, I want to share a strong memory when I knew I was shifting into this Gratitude Diet mindset: Nearly 15 years ago, shortly into my recovery from overeating it was a magnificent spring day and we took our then little boys to an Easter egg hunt. When one of the mothers complained there weren’t enough eggs for all of the children, I spontaneously responded with, “because it’s such a beautiful day, more people came then they expected!” To that, my acquaintance said, “my aren’t you the optimist!” I turned around to see who she was calling an optimist and realized it was me!

I invite you to try this practice over the next few days as you prepare for, engage in and wind down from this Thanksgiving holiday. Please do share your experience with me, I would love to hear about it!

With gratitude for being with you on your happiness & health journey.