I have lost weight, why can’t I accept my body?

There are two aspects to weight loss. The physical piece; involving tracking, moving, prepping and planning. And the emotional piece, which is far more complex.

We know how we may feel about our body when it is heavy and most people can relate to not feeling good or looking good. But what happens with our self-perception with weight loss?

For a lot of people, summer is a time that exposes us to more vulnerability in terms of what we are wearing. Wrapping our head around our weight loss and how we look at ourselves can be a very hard thing to do.

I have a lot of patients who are still wearing the same size clothes as when they first started to lose weight. The thought of transitioning to something that fits them better exposes them to feelings of fear. Fear of how they will be perceived. Fear that this body is a fraud and they will regain. Fear of being looked at differently and being paid attention to.

Feelings of the past whether it is trauma or other incidents can trigger feelings of wanting to hide behind their clothes rather than find confidence in the body they have worked so hard to change.

Weight loss is often a double edged sword. Small changes can be made if that makes it easier for you to adjust. This period in time can often require some tricky navigation to the point where some people go back to the comfort of regain.

So the question is, can you embrace your new skin? Start with one new outfit no matter what your size or your future goals for weight loss. Have someone help you at the store if you need assistance. Buy one outfit that flatters your figure and get used to how you feel and look.

Communicate to Dr. Beth and/or myself how you are feeling emotionally and let us help you explore these feelings. As you shed the pounds, it is time to shed the shame, guilt and fear. You deserve this! This is a time for self-compassion which is self-kindness. Remember that this is you right now ~ You are no longer defined by your past!

Celebrate your beauty and success, no matter what size you are.