Healing Happens

This weekend I served as an invited speaker at an Integrative Mental Health Conference. I spoke on a holistic approach to eating and weight. I am sharing this with you because, I struggled for 25 years with food, eating, weight, body image, diet & exercise. Those were just signs I was out of balance mentally, emotionally, socially, behaviorally, medically and financially.

I found a solution in a program for recovery from compulsive overeating. The essence of the program is one step beyond behavioral, physical, social, mental, emotional or even medical solutions. After another 15 years, what is coming into focus is that there are many paths to recovery from compulsive overeating, obesity, dieting, exercising etc. The essence for lasting recovery must be truly integrative, inclusive and unifying. This means combining medical interventions (“pills & surgery”) with holistic ones (physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioral). The details are less important. (Don’t lose the forest for the trees!).

As humans we all have the same needs. How we meet them is unique to us. Also as humans if our needs aren’t met, we start to show signs of imbalance due to trying to meet those needs in other ways. Again, those signs of imbalance are different.

So, I am sharing this message with you because in giving we receive. In giving service at this Integrative Mental Health Conference, I received this increase in clarity about what the problem really is and what the solution really is.

I invite you to embrace the Integrative approach (biomedical & holistic). If you have already embraced it, I invite you to expand your embrace. You can continue to meet with me, Patrice, and/or Nancy Sceery, our Dietitian. Perhaps Ideal Protein will get you some distance from your food. You may also consider a visit with Elaine Grant, an experienced healer, who we are thrilled, is renting space in our office!

To your happiness & health! Dr. Beth