Fill, Drain, Empty

Sometimes we fill up on food we don’t need.

It seems we do this most often when our “battery” is drained. Is this why most of us can “do well all day and then eat too much at night”? Some of the answers to the problem of overeating come down to “battery care.”

The solution is to take charge (haha) of your battery. What fills it up vs. drains it for you? Think of sleep, rest, food, exercise, sunshine, fresh air/breathing, nature, water, relationships, spiritual connection, alone time, reading, journaling, time with pets, quantity and quality of work, service/giving, creativity, thoughts, emotions, space/environment, medical problems/medical care, money (spending, shopping, saving).

I invite you to take some time and write whatever comes to your mind about each of these factors. Write about what fills your battery and what drains your battery, and even where it may leak.

What small changes can you make to care for your battery so that you don’t fill it with food when what it really needs is something else?