Are you too busy driving to get gas?

One day, someone asked me this and I thought it was a great question. Of course, she meant it to be figuratively and not literally. (Although admittedly in the past, when I was more human doing than human being, I often would literally run out of gas. It happened one day on the coldest night of the year and I was chased by what I assume was a rabid opossum!) But I digress…

Figuratively, we can be too busy doing, running, working, helping, etc, that we don’t refuel ourselves.

Flash forward to last week when a new patient, who herself is a helper and healer, declared to me, “I am here for GAS! I am here for Guidance, Accountability and Support!” Like so many of us, she knows what to do for her weight and wellness. She knows how to eat, she knows how to exercise, and she even knows how to reduce stress. Also like so many us, she realizes that although she alone can do it, she can’t do it alone. And therefore she needs Guidance, Accountability, and Support.

And so I ask you, are you too busy driving to stop for gas? Are you too busy working, running, and helping that you aren’t getting GAS (Guidance, Accountability, and Support)? Even yours truly gets GAS from friends, family and paid support people on a weekly, nearly daily basis. And not coincidentally, has never since been chased by an opossum on the coldest night of the year.